HOMEDEC Kuala Lumpur (18 Apr 2019-21 Apr 2019)

21 Feb 2019

Since 2003, the award-winning HOMEDEC exhibition has become a phenomenal success for its abundance of variety, insights and the designs, innovations and inspirations into creating dream homes.  This is a huge marketplace where you meet face-to-face with hundreds of exhibitors and experts. The soaring demands for HOMEDEC has led to the exhibition opening across four main states in Malaysia – held bi-annually in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, while in  Johor Bahru and Sabah, it is held on an annual basis. HOMEDEC has also expanded internationally to Jakarta, Indonesia to serve the ever growing demand for home design solutions.

In April 2018, HOMEDEC marks its debut into the exciting and the ever evolving circle of online shopping with the launch of an extension from the exhibition – the HOMEDECshop, Malaysia’s first full-fledge home décor and designs-related online shopping platform.

HOMEDECshop is a convenient platform to loyal patrons and others seeking home designs solutions to continue shopping 24/7, 365 days a year, online. Home products are up on sales in HOMEDECshop plus professional services; so home shopping can continue beyond HOMEDEC exhibition dates.

Be it offline or online, HOMEDEC is always here to provide solutions for homeowners via HOMEDEC exhibition and now at HOMEDECshop app

Awards Won by HOMEDEC:-
•         AFECA Awards – Outstanding Consumer Exhibition Award 2015.
          The first Malaysian exhibition to achieve this recognition within the Asian Pacific Region
•         rAWr Award for Best Consumer Exhibition -2013, 2015 & 2017
•         rAWr Industry Recognition Award 2013
•         MACEOS Best Consumer Exhibition 2011

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